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    Everyone who has anything to do with education or studying knows what an essay is. Kids get to write these short (or sometimes long) pieces of writing at school already and they are assigned with even more of essay writing in universities. Essays can be different based on their type, style, length, content, and other features. You can write a short funny essay about some moment in your life or you can complete a long argumentative essay on some philosophical topic.

    No matter that students write essays since school, many of them still struggle with writing them in college. It is mainly because essays don’t have a strict structure and rules to writing it. That is why students often need essay writing help. There can be a pattern to writing an essay, actually. It may not always be suitable, though, as some professors demand specific essay structure. However if there are no strict instructions, you can use this pattern every time. EssayJedii.com offers you some essay writing help; by following some steps you may find writing essays not that hard.

    The first thing is to decide on your topic. Your professor can give you a concrete topic, of course, but sometimes professors let students choose something within the limits of their subject. If you are lucky enough to choose your topic yourself, pick something that is close to you. It is always easy to write about stuff you are familiar with. If it is philosophy class, for example, you can pick a topic about choosing a life path while choosing your major or about the freedom of expression of your thoughts in a classroom and whether students should be allowed to talk about absolutely anything. If it is economics class, you can write an essay on how students save money while studying, etc.

    The next step is to make a research and collect information. If you write an essay about your personal thoughts and stories, you can make a plan at this point and write in a couple of words what your essay’s main key points are going to be. Having a good plan is a great help with essay writing. If you need some information, then it’s time to go to the library or to search the Internet. As you know, now you can find practically everything you need, as information is everywhere. So, sit in the library for a little bit or search the web and collect different information on your topic. Then look through all the picked material and choose what you are going to use in your work. It can be quite difficult with the excessive amount of information out there.

    After you have all the material you need, you should think of a structure of your essay. Of course, you can start writing right away and arranging everything after you’re done. But it’s better to have a picture in your mind of how many parts there will be, how long you will make it, what material and quotes you will use, etc. Again, you can make a plan; it gives huge help with essay writing. After having a picture of your essay’s structure in your mind, you can start writing. This is the biggest and most difficult part of creating an essay. You should combine the material that you found with your own thoughts and considerations. You should remember that there always have to be introduction, main body and conclusion in essays. We suggest you writing the introduction at the end, when you know for sure all the points of your essay. Because sometimes you can start writing about one thing and get carried away by some aspects that you did not plan on including to your work.

    Be careful when you are writing an essay. Formulate your thoughts clearly; don’t use very difficult words and long sentences. Your language should be understandable and readable. Try not to use conversational speech unless it is necessary. Pay attention to your writing style.

    The last part of creating an essay is proofreading and formatting. This is a very important part, because sometimes small grammar, spelling or formatting mistakes can lower your grade no matter how great your ideas are. So be careful while doing this. Take into account the citation style used in your university; they all have different rules in organizing a bibliography. If you are afraid you won’t be able to follow all the formatting or citation rules, you can get essay help online. College essay help from EssayJedii.com includes formatting and proofreading.

    If you still feel like you won’t be able to write that essay or you cannot write it because of some other reasons (lack of time, family emergency, etc.), you can get great college essay help from EssayJedii.com. We can provide you with the essay help online and make some of your problems go away. With our college essay writing help you will get a perfectly written paper in no time and will be able to get only the best grades with it. So, if you just want to scream “help me write an essay”, EssayJedii.com is here for you.