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How do the essay writing services on EssayJedii work?

EssayJedii works as a freelance online board for writers and students. Students can easily post orders and writers can bid on them. To learn more, please consult ”How it Works for Students” and ”How it Works for Writers

What makes EssayJedii.com more reliable than other custom writing services?

On our service, our clients get all of the following:
  1. More variety with orders and bids
  2. Direct communication with writers
  3. Direct coordination between clients and writers
  4. The client names their price for orders
  5. Performance stats are open and available
  6. Clients pay for orders only after they are completed and if they like them
  7. Transactions are secure as long as the client does not share their personal information
  8. And so much more!

How can I submit an order? Do I have to first register?

Placing an order is fast and easy at EssayJedii. Registration is not required before placing an order since you can do this while you are submitting your order. But your personal information is never given to other writers or students on the condition that you don’t share this information yourself. It is highly recommended not to share personal information so that you can avoid fraudulent issues, blackmail, threats, etc. The only thing that appears with your order to identify you is your ID in our system not your name. It is also important to provide as much information about your order as you can while placing it. Such information includes topic, type, number of pages, subject, deadline, etc. This is to help writers see your order as soon as it appears as well as to help the right writer to accept and complete your order according to your exact specifications. You can always edit or change your order’s details at a later time but this will automatically cause your pervious bids from writers to become invalid. It is only possible to add additional files that are related to the original order without resulting in the rejection of earlier bids. Be very careful when checking your order’s details and be sure that you have fully understood and read our Terms and Conditions. You accept them by clicking on the “Save and continue” button.

How can I select my order’s essay writer?

To do this, simply place your order and you’ll start to get bids from writers. The writers can also ask any questions they may have about your order via chat. Once you choose the bid that is the best for you, just check the writer’s experience with EssayJedii.com, their customer feedback, and their performance rate. You can also see samples of their past work in their writer’s portfolio. But don’t be concerned if your writer still doesn’t have a performance rate. They’re just new to EssayJedii.com but are still professional and experienced enough to take your order. If a writer places a bid, that means that we have already evaluated them and found them to be skilled enough to complete our clients’ orders. Select and assign a writer to your order and they will start working.

How will I know if I’m paying for something I need?

With EssayJedii.com, our clients only pay for their orders after they see, read, and like it. Therefore, when you accept and make final payment for an order, no more communication about that particular order with your writer is possible.

What happens if the paper my writer creates is not any good?

Should this happen, you are under no obligation to accept or pay for the order as is stipulated in our Terms and Conditions. Any payment is completely non-refundable. Try to contact your writer via our chat feature on your order page directly to explain to them what should be improved in your paper. If this still doesn’t work, just cancel your order and then leave your negative feedback so that our support, clients, and that writer will be aware of everything. After that, place a new order and select a different writer.

What if there are no proper bids for my order?

Look over your order details and make sure that all your information like subject, paper type, and topic are correct. Then peruse your instructions to ensure that they are clear and understandable. If you have mentioned any attached files in your bid, make sure that you have uploaded them. Bargain your price.

How will my paper get done?

You can always monitor your paper’s process in your file under its order page. The writer will complete the paper and then upload it to your profile in parts or in whole, depending on your arrangements. It is also possible to get notified after a new file is uploaded to your account via email. All you’re required to do is to check it to make sure that it’s the paper you wanted and ordered. It is also possible for you to request your writer to make changes after your paper is revised. At the end of the process, you make payment to the writer only after you are completely satisfied with the paper you receive.

How can I be sure that my paper will be plagiarism-free?

Each writer working for EssayJedii.com is aware that their account will be deactivated for using plagiarized materials. However, it is still recommended to check your paper for plagiarism before you ever submit payment to your writer.

How is my writer paid?

Writers are paid for each accepted paper or parts of the paper via credit card or PayPal. To ensure greater security, you can keep your personal details completely 100% confidential and complete all transactions via the payment form on EssayJedii’ freelance board. Never disclose your personal information to any users on our site to avoid future problems with identity theft or fraud. Your personal data is 100% protected unless you tell others via email, chat, or other means.

How can I get a refund?

To get a refund, just go to your profile’s balance page. Any amount that you have not released to your writer yet can be refunded. To learn more, please consult the Terms & Conditions.

Is it possible for other users to view my payment data or personal details?

No. Your personal details and your payment data cannot be viewed by anyone else unless you tell them this information yourself or allow others to access your EssayJedii.com profile. The only thing other users are able to see are your ID number in our system that you are given when you place your first order, your profile picture (avatar), and your orders.

I would like to work as a writer. Is evaluation mandatory?

Every potential writer must be evaluated to prove that they have the proper writing skills and experience in order to accept orders for certain levels and subject areas. You cannot use plagiarism at all! Every paper you write must be plagiarism-free. Otherwise, your profile will be deactivated and your earnings will be put “on hold” indefinitely.

How am I paid as a writer?

You are paid for each order that a customer accepts that you have written. To receive payment, you must provide payment details in your profile on the finance page.

Under what circumstances can I cease working on a certain order?

It is possible to stop working on an order in the rare occurrence that you have a serious problem with your customer that cannot be solved. If you have received payment for this problematic order in parts or in whole, the payment will be placed “on hold” if the customer makes any claims during a company investigation.