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Our Privacy Policy

The following is EssayJedii.com’s complete privacy policy. Though the fundamental elements of EssayJedii’ privacy policy will not change, it is advisable for all users to thoroughly go through our privacy policy’s details on a regular basis, as they may change.

Collected User Information

The information that is collected on EssayJedii’ clients is only designed to be used to improve website quality and content. This is so our services can improve to serve our clients more effectively. But at no time is any customer’s personal or payment data collected to be given to outside parties.

Moreover, our company web server gathers only information like browser type, IP address, operating system type, and times of access for statistical purposes. Occasionally, cookies can be used to customize your webpage’s content while visiting our site.


Cookies are text files that identify a computer to its server. They are designed to identify the computer but not the user by name. EssayJedii utilizes cookies so that information can be collected about our web traffic so we can further improve or services. Cookies can effectively measure how much time any given user spends on our website’s pages. But users are able to be notified when cookies are being used and they reserve the right to turn them off when needed. However, certain individualized features on our website will not work well if you choose to do this.

Elective Use of Information

On some of EssayJedii.com’s pages, you can be asked to offer personal information including name, email address, or contact info. But such provided information is never disclosed to any outside parties. This information is only requested so that communication between the company and clients can be better facilitated while trying to submit or retract orders. All details that you give us are only for company marketing research purposes.

Your given email address is used to request services, provide feedback, or to get more information about our services. But personal information is never given, shared, or sold to outside companies or sources unless you, yourself, disclose it while chatting with other users.

Amendments of Privacy Policy in the Future

Any modifications to our privacy policy are not required to be communicated with individual clients directly. It is important for all clients to routinely reread the privacy policy and this is the complete responsibility of the individual site user and not the company. Therefore, we at EssayJedii.com strongly advise and encourage all clients to continually check our privacy policy for any changes that can impact their participation with our services.

Website Security

Routine security checks are continually performed and EssayJedii.com has secure systems that guarantee the safety of your payment and personal information. Your private information is only visible to our employees and no one else. However, it is important for all clients to log out of all accounts after completing online transactions on our site so that your information will not be viewed by outsiders.

Links Disclaimer

All links that are sponsored by our website are based on the client’s location. These can include but are not limited to local, state, federal, and/or other online/offline organizations. Additionally, we do not expressly or tacitly endorse these links’ content, products, services, opinions, accessibility, views, products, or policies, though they appear on our website. If you choose to follow any links from our site away from EssayJedii.com, we are not to be held responsible for anything that occurs on that other website. You are thus required to follow the other site’s privacy policy and terms and conditions.

Prohibited Disclosures

The responsible commissioner has the exclusive right to use information from both employers and employees as connected with this privacy policy. This website’s information is not open for public use and cannot be used in any lawful court actions during any legal action or otherwise, unless the commissioner is in fact at fault for the other party’s claimed transgression. A benefits claim will be determined and the affected parties will be given the decision by only the commissioner’s final decision. Parties who do not complete payment can also be legally pursued.

It is important not to divulge any personal or payment information while chatting or communicating with other users for security reasons.

Company Information Access

Clients can always request EssayJedii.com to share what personal information is held on them. Moreover, it is possible for clients to request a stored data report. Such requests are free of charge and can be made in the Account on public profile page. After receiving such a request, you, the client, will be given all the personal information held by EssayJedii.com as outlined in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of May,25 2018. You can request this report and/or delete all the data we store at any time in your Account.